Friday, October 4, 2013

Issues to Avoid in Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising

Advertising is a big business which encompasses different platforms including broadcast, print, new (Internet) and out-of-home media (which takes the form of outdoor signage). The business is also considered a field of study, a science and maybe an art. It deals with human psychology, and its goal is to simply get the promotional messages across. With that said, it follows a set of unwritten rules and guidelines which are also called ethics. Capturing attention may be their main goal, but they should not sway from the right way of doing it, especially when it comes to outdoor advertising. Let’s face it, outdoor ads can be seen by anyone. They do not fit a particular timeslot; they just lurk around the corners. Here are some things that you must avoid when designing and putting up outdoor advertisements.

Avoid Visual Pollution   

It may seem to be a great idea to put up a gigantic billboard or a piece of outdoor signage near a historical area or in a revered monument, but it simply is unethical to do so. Outdoor business signs would definitely destroy how a landmark would look like, just by simply being there. Who would want to take a photo of an ancient coliseum with a large billboard depicting a handbag in the backdrop? It would simply destroy the photo and the scenery in general. Visual pollution refers to aesthetic impairment to enjoy a particular view. Any sort of outdoor sign near a historical landmark would definitely be considered as such.

Be conscious of the norms and culture of the society.   

Each country has its own different beliefs which are unique. In the United States, cultures vary, especially when you go around from state to state. With that said, it is always important to consider what the society thinks and believes. A community may find one business sign enlightening, while another may find it pretty offensive. Make sure to never offend a particular person or group. Keep it simple and unassuming, yet eye-catching and informative.

Cater to every audience   

If your outdoor signage can be translated into a television show, it must have a “General Patronage” rating. Make sure that all the facets of the advertisement is able to cater to all types of people from all walks of life. Children, adults, professionals and people of different social classes and beliefs must be able to absorb and understand the message, without feeling any sort of animosity towards it. Avoid provocative images that may touch the issues of racism, gender sensitivity and sexism, as it may result to an ethics complaint.

Conform to the law

Aside from conforming to the norms and beliefs of the culture, it is imperative and a given fact that you need to conform to the laws of the area where you wish to put up your outdoor signage. The laws of each state may vary, meaning, what may be legal in California may be illegal in Georgia. Remember, if you do not want any lawsuit to reach your desk.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Capturing Attention Through Advertising: Basic Tips and Concepts

outdoor advertisements
Outdoor advertising materials, like banner stand displays and billboards, are one of the major advertising platforms of today, contrary to what most people say and believe. Due to the rise of new media and the internet, advertising has taken invasive forms, which take the form of online banners and pop-up windows. Print and broadcast advertisements are still pretty much considered a nuisance and a hindrance in the process of accessing information. Meanwhile, outdoor advertisements are usually ignored by most, which is why it is important to learn the factors and the basic concepts regarding which.

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Advantages of Promotional Banners

In any business, publicity is extremely important. Without proper advertising, it is near impossible for your company to get noticed by the buying public. There are plenty of non-expensive methods to advertise your business, and one of the most effective, yet affordable is creating banners and portable signs. Since banners are large format prints, these can help you convey your promotional message to large number of audiences whom you can influence to purchase your brand, products and services.

Promotional Banners

What are the benefits of using a promotional banner?

  • It is a very efficient and cost-effective way to advertise a product or service especially if your target is within your locality.
  • Promotional banners, whatever the type is suitable for launching a new product, offering seasonal sale, participating in a trade exhibit, or conducting an outdoor marketing event.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Planning An Effective Trade Show

Effective Trade Show 

When you think that all you need are pop up displays and outdoor banner stands to conduct a trade show that consumers would consider visiting, you have to think twice. Successful trade exhibits don’t just happen; it requires diligent, careful, and thorough planning to achieve the best results.

Trade shows are very important if you are wanted your brand to have a loyal following in the market. Trade shows, expos, exhibits, fairs, and other exhibitions open you to new opportunities that can help you generate more leads, find suppliers and get ahead of the competition. Through an effective trade show, you can achieve in a day what it would take you weeks or months to do if you just stayed at home. However, as what we mentioned above, it does not just happen; it requires the best of efforts for the marketers to create an exhibit that people will remember.

Planning an effective trade show may not be that easy, but is very possible by setting clear goals and objectives. Below are steps to plan an effective trade show:

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Considerations in Finding a Portable Sign Provider

Portable Sign Provider 
Does your business use outdoor signage and other promotional tools? If you do, are you doing it effectively?

Businesses of all sizes have potentials for success, although not everyone is achieving it. With the continually rising competition in the business world, companies of different industries are giving their best shots to reach out to potential clients. Printing has been known to be an effective and reliable tool of information dissemination since the earliest centuries, and its ability to boost sales and empower brands are very visible until today.

Pop up signs, outdoor banner, display banner stands, and teardrop banners are just some of the outdoor materials that businesses use to encourage brand retention among target customers. They are very important tools for trade shows, exhibits, and events where you can showcase your brand to let the public know of your existence. How to choose the portable sign provider that can be your partner towards advertising success?

Friday, August 9, 2013

The True Meaning of Sponsorship

Sponsorship has been considered as the fastest growing tool for marketing all over the country. Trade show and other exhibits whether indoor and outdoor are opportunities for businesses to increase the credibility and image. Prestige sponsorship on these events enables the business to attract the target market. This is the reason why most marketers prefer to sponsor events. The opportunities are just massive along with its advantages as the business competes in the industry.

Outdoor Advertising Through Sponsorship

Sponsorship VS Advertising

Sponsorship is all about the quality of bringing more prospects to the business. Meanwhile, advertising brings a number of prospects to the business. Sponsorship enables the market to think that such business cares. Thus, any business will be able to create an image in the market. Advertising, along with its tools, is considered as a quantitative medium in promoting the business.

More marketers have considered holding events with exciting activities for the market. Say a company sponsors a fun run event. Notice on how the market recognizes and remembers the business. They are able to recall the fun experience they had upon joining the event. Not to mention, the company that made the event possible.  

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Barricade Banners: Branded Crowd Control Solutions

Barricade Banner

Events such as concerts, trade shows, exhibits, sports, and other events regardless of its size can usually develop a large amount of people. Part of organizing the event is the crowd control. At times, it may lead to chaos that would result to injury and even worse, death. A successful event has a well planned organization and good safety management. It is an essential for an event to have an effective crowd control. It provides the spectators and participants to have an easy access in the event venue not to mention, the safety of the people attending the event. 

Barricade banners are stable and effective tools to control the crowd in the event venue. Event display manufacturers ensure these tools are made from quality lightweight materials for quick and stable set up. Marketers can have the option to create a unique design and color for these tools. The brand can be printed on the vinyl. This is a material that can naturally withstand any extreme weather condition. At any rate, it is a cost effective tool for crowd control. 

Entrance and Exit

These are the points that are needed to be properly defined in any event. Keep in mind that the crowd will have the tendency to go beyond the boundaries. Therefore, it is an essential to create a path that would lead them to where the event is. Rope barriers are not as effective as the barricade barriers. It is not sufficient to control small and large crowds. Perhaps, upon the event is organized, committees are created with designated roles and responsibilities. Crowd control team should enforce the crowd to follow on directions in order to avoid unruliness. Most possibly, event organizers would ask assistance from the law enforcement or the security personnel. Thereby, people would get in at the entrance and leave the event venue at the exit point. 

Multiple Entry and Exit Points

This is the key to a better crowd control. Outdoor events such as concerts, sports, and the like sometimes results to jam and when worse things become worst, stampedes. This is the most challenging crowd control management. Sometimes, it would be better to turn entry points as exits whenever the event has began. This will allow and constant flow of the crowd. Remember to keep an emergency exit when the event happens. Unexpected things can happen and it can never be prevented. 

Flow of Traffic

With its stability and versatility, barricade banners are a wise investment for event organizers and also entrepreneurs. Amusement parks and other establishments highly need these tools to direct and guide the crowd on where to go. Other than that, it provides a better access whenever accidents happen. It would be a success for an event to have controlled the people coming in and out of the venue. 

Lastly, barricade barriers have enabled the business to control the crowd and increase the revenue, all happening at one time. Since these barricade banners can deliver a visible message to the audience and at the same time control the crowd for a successful event.