Friday, September 6, 2013

The Advantages of Promotional Banners

In any business, publicity is extremely important. Without proper advertising, it is near impossible for your company to get noticed by the buying public. There are plenty of non-expensive methods to advertise your business, and one of the most effective, yet affordable is creating banners and portable signs. Since banners are large format prints, these can help you convey your promotional message to large number of audiences whom you can influence to purchase your brand, products and services.

Promotional Banners

What are the benefits of using a promotional banner?

  • It is a very efficient and cost-effective way to advertise a product or service especially if your target is within your locality.
  • Promotional banners, whatever the type is suitable for launching a new product, offering seasonal sale, participating in a trade exhibit, or conducting an outdoor marketing event.
  • Helps inculcate brand awareness to increase product/brand popularity.
  • Banners are versatile that you can hang from almost anywhere. Though it may require you to ask permission from the local government if you are planning to mount banners in public places, still the effort is worth it.
  • There are different type of banners that is custom-made for specific promotional needs, retractable banner stand, pull-up banner, tear-drop banners, feather flag, and a lot more are awesome tools to make the public know that your business exists.
Material-wise, what are the different banner types that you can use for your company’s branding needs?

Advantages of Promotional Banners 

Vinyl Banners – This banner type can be used for either outdoor or indoor. It can be hanged on the ceiling, attached to the wall, or can be mounted in a banner stand. One of the best features of vinyl banners is that they are worth the cost for its durability. It is the type of material that can repel liquid and can stand for a long time when printed with a UV-resistant ink. The only downside of banners made of vinyl is that you have to carefully mount them outdoors. Sometimes, they may require you to cut them with small slits to prevent the material from being ruined by the wind.

Mesh Banners – To alleviate damaging the beauty of your promotional banner with a slit, using mesh banners is the solution. Mesh banners are great for outdoor advertising. They are made of vinyl strands with a woven-like surface that allows the rain and wind to pass through. This material can relieve you of the worries that your branding material will tear due to strong wind.

Fabric Banners – When you wanted to create a professional branding material that looks out of the ordinary, using fabric is an appealing choice. On the other hand, fabric banners are better used indoors rather than outdoors. Like a regular cloth, fabric can easily get stained or wet.

Another important benefit of fabric as an indoor branding material is its environmental friendliness. Compared to the regular vinyl, the production of fabric uses 75% lesser carbon footprint


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