Friday, October 4, 2013

Issues to Avoid in Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising

Advertising is a big business which encompasses different platforms including broadcast, print, new (Internet) and out-of-home media (which takes the form of outdoor signage). The business is also considered a field of study, a science and maybe an art. It deals with human psychology, and its goal is to simply get the promotional messages across. With that said, it follows a set of unwritten rules and guidelines which are also called ethics. Capturing attention may be their main goal, but they should not sway from the right way of doing it, especially when it comes to outdoor advertising. Let’s face it, outdoor ads can be seen by anyone. They do not fit a particular timeslot; they just lurk around the corners. Here are some things that you must avoid when designing and putting up outdoor advertisements.

Avoid Visual Pollution   

It may seem to be a great idea to put up a gigantic billboard or a piece of outdoor signage near a historical area or in a revered monument, but it simply is unethical to do so. Outdoor business signs would definitely destroy how a landmark would look like, just by simply being there. Who would want to take a photo of an ancient coliseum with a large billboard depicting a handbag in the backdrop? It would simply destroy the photo and the scenery in general. Visual pollution refers to aesthetic impairment to enjoy a particular view. Any sort of outdoor sign near a historical landmark would definitely be considered as such.

Be conscious of the norms and culture of the society.   

Each country has its own different beliefs which are unique. In the United States, cultures vary, especially when you go around from state to state. With that said, it is always important to consider what the society thinks and believes. A community may find one business sign enlightening, while another may find it pretty offensive. Make sure to never offend a particular person or group. Keep it simple and unassuming, yet eye-catching and informative.

Cater to every audience   

If your outdoor signage can be translated into a television show, it must have a “General Patronage” rating. Make sure that all the facets of the advertisement is able to cater to all types of people from all walks of life. Children, adults, professionals and people of different social classes and beliefs must be able to absorb and understand the message, without feeling any sort of animosity towards it. Avoid provocative images that may touch the issues of racism, gender sensitivity and sexism, as it may result to an ethics complaint.

Conform to the law

Aside from conforming to the norms and beliefs of the culture, it is imperative and a given fact that you need to conform to the laws of the area where you wish to put up your outdoor signage. The laws of each state may vary, meaning, what may be legal in California may be illegal in Georgia. Remember, if you do not want any lawsuit to reach your desk.


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