Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Capturing Attention Through Advertising: Basic Tips and Concepts

outdoor advertisements
Outdoor advertising materials, like banner stand displays and billboards, are one of the major advertising platforms of today, contrary to what most people say and believe. Due to the rise of new media and the internet, advertising has taken invasive forms, which take the form of online banners and pop-up windows. Print and broadcast advertisements are still pretty much considered a nuisance and a hindrance in the process of accessing information. Meanwhile, outdoor advertisements are usually ignored by most, which is why it is important to learn the factors and the basic concepts regarding which.
Being able to gather attention is an important aspect of advertising; there are various techniques that can be used in order to garner the desired effects and responses. In this entry, we will be talking about the simple tips and guidelines that you may out in mind when trying to find a way to make your advertising material catch attention.

The Design   

Before anything else you need to perfect the design aspect of the advertising material, may it be a billboard, banner or tent.  Depending on the size of the material, you will have to scale everything so that the size of the elements (text, background, images) so that they would be proportional. In this case, you have to make sure that the image of the thing you are promoting (may it be a car, clothing line or a new kind of hamburger) is given due emphasis, meaning, if you have to rub it in to your audience’s eyes, do so. Aside from the product, you could also emphasize its effects. For example, you may be promoting a facial wash and acne remover, so in that regard, you may want to paste in a face of an actor with a smooth and clear face. With regard to the text, it must be six words or less. More words means the possibility of your customers getting bored will increase greatly. Play with it, useless and provocative words that will leave your audiences deep in thought, however, remember to use words that are common and can be understood by anyone.

The Size   

Aside from the size of the elements of the advertising material, you also have to consider the size of the material itself. It would be senseless to place a small banner on a highway – it would not be that visible to most passers-by and commuters. The place where you will put up your material should be in accordance to its size. Banners and posters will definitely be a perfect fit to the downtown streets and areas as well as bus stops and commuter areas.

Know where the people are and what they want   

In order to fully capture the attention of your audiences, you need to be able to learn their preferences and the places where they usually hang out. This includes areas like bus tops, downtown areas and train stations. Also be able to learn what the people of a certain population prefer, like their needs and wants for example. It would not make sense to advertise tractors and fertilizers in a predominantly downtown area.


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